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Spirituality for Prosperity by Sue Pats nuBeginning MynuBeginning

I have two companies that reflect my deep passions: spirituality and business. Many people believe that these two realms are entirely separate, thinking spirituality means renouncing all worldly possessions and living a monastic life.
  • Last updated Jun 10, 2024
  • English

What you'll learn

  • Integration of Spirituality and Business

    • Understanding how spirituality and business can coexist.
    • Debunking myths about the incompatibility of spirituality and prosperity.
  • Spiritual Laws for Prosperity

    • Utilizing spiritual principles to enhance personal and business success.
    • The concept of karma and its impact on life and business.
  • Practical Applications of Spirituality

    • Incorporating spiritual practices into daily life without renouncing material goals.
    • Examples of applying spiritual principles for personal growth and business development.
  • Personal Journey and Experiences

    • The speaker's journey through adversity and recovery using spiritual practices.
    • How a personal health crisis led to a deeper understanding and application of spirituality.
  • Support for Solopreneurs

    • Resources and tools created to help solopreneurs start and grow their businesses.
    • Importance of positive associations and continuous learning for personal and professional growth.
  • Creating and Sharing Value

    • Emphasizing the importance of giving and serving others for overall success.
    • Encouragement to share experiences and resources to help others in the community.
  • Future Aspirations

    • Continuous evolution of resources based on feedback.
    • Plans to collaborate and provide value through joint ventures and community engagement.
  • Call to Action

    • Invitation to provide feedback and request additional resources.
    • Encouragement to join the speaker's community, share your story, and add value.
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My signature talk, "Spirituality for Prosperity," challenges this notion by demonstrating how spiritual principles can foster prosperity.


  1. Basic Understanding of Spiritual Concepts:

    • Familiarity with fundamental spiritual principles and concepts such as karma, meditation, and the law of attraction.
    • An open-minded approach to integrating spirituality with everyday life and business practices.
  2. Interest in Personal Development:

    • A genuine interest in self-improvement, personal growth, and a willingness to explore the spiritual dimension of life.
  3. Basic Knowledge of Business Principles:

    • Understanding basic business concepts such as entrepreneurship, business growth, and financial management.
    • Experience as a solopreneur or small business owner can be beneficial.
  4. Technological Proficiency:

    • Ability to navigate online resources, participate in virtual meetings or webinars, and utilize digital tools and platforms for learning and business applications.
    • Basic computer skills including internet browsing, email communication, and familiarity with digital content creation (blogs, podcasts, etc.).
  5. Communication Skills:

    • Good written and verbal communication skills to engage in discussions, provide feedback, and share personal experiences.
    • Ability to articulate thoughts clearly and participate in community interactions, whether online or in-person.
  6. Willingness to Engage in Community:

    • Openness to participating in group activities, joint ventures, and networking opportunities with fellow learners.
    • A collaborative mindset to support and learn from others within the community.

Additional Considerations

  • Mindset for Continuous Learning:
    • An attitude of continuous learning and improvement, recognizing that mastery in both spirituality and business is a journey.
  • Time Commitment:
    • Availability to commit time regularly for learning, practicing spiritual exercises, and applying the principles to your business.


As a lifelong solopreneur, I'm Sue Pats, and my journey has been one of resilience and dedication to empowering fellow entrepreneurs. A few years ago, I faced a life-altering challenge when I became bedridden, but through sheer determination, I made a miraculous recovery. This experience inspired me to dedicate my life to supporting other solopreneurs, as only someone who has walked in their shoes can truly understand the unique challenges they face.

I began by blogging, offering free resources that gained significant traction. However, many people expressed a preference for podcasts and YouTube channels due to time constraints, while still maintaining interest in the content. Responding to this feedback, I pivoted and started producing podcasts and launching a YouTube channel, shaping my business model solely based on this valuable input from my audience.

Recognizing that many solopreneurs struggle to make it past the second year of their business, and even fewer reach the fifth year, I made it my mission to reverse this trend and help solopreneurs achieve real prosperity. I created a comprehensive ecosystem to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from launch to scale to global sales, filling all the gaps with a complete solution.

This led to the creation of 'Your Digital Dream in a Day' and 'MRR Success,' offering two options: 'done with you' and 'done for you.' Additionally, I established the 'nuBeginning Success Collaboration' membership, providing live support, comprehensive resources, master resell rights products, and various collaboration and promotional opportunities to assist solopreneurs in scaling their businesses.

Furthermore, I leveraged the power of The Great Discovery platform, enabling solopreneurs to sell their eCourses globally across hundreds of countries, utilizing the platform's built-in affiliate army to amplify their reach and sales.

My mission is to empower solopreneurs with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive, ensuring they never have to navigate the entrepreneurial journey alone.

Spirituality for Prosperity by Sue Pats nuBeginning MynuBeginning
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