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Discover new ways to learn and earn. Purchase any of our courses and we'll waive your affiliate fee. Simply share your favorite resources and get a commission on every sale.

Independent Affiliate

Perfect for experienced marketers and content creators ready to hit the ground running. For $29.95/year, you can share TGD's resources with your audience and start building your network. Our affiliate system provides you with a unique website, making it simple to add your affiliate links to your existing content.


Double your earning potential by becoming a creator AND an affiliate! Earn from your courses and build a second income stream through our affiliate program.

Success Stories

Success Stories
from Our Affiliates

When I first saw The Great Discovery, and how it brought together a course platform, the power of affiliate marketing, and the technology to overcome language barriers, my thought was "How has no one thought of this before! This will change everything." Normally, if you're an expert in gardening or basket weaving, you also need to be an expert in marketing or no one will ever learn from you. With The Great Discovery, you can be an expert in your expertise and leave the marketing to the affiliate network. It's about time something like this came alone, and I'm thrilled to be part of it.

Michael Whitehouse

After spending decades building national and international franchise organizations, I am thankful to have found The Great Discovery! I can honestly say that The Great Discovery is better than many of the franchises that people have to invest hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars into. If you want to be involved in a business that is not only lucrative, but also has a positive impact on the lives of real people, The Great Discovery is for you. While The Great Discovery is not a franchise, it is an incredible business opportunity with more training, tools, and support than most of the businesses I have seen in over 3 decades of building franchises. For a very small investment, an Affiliate receives access to amazing products and services that are designed to elevate the lives of people worldwide. In addition, an Affiliate will have a state of the art website, back office system to track their income, team activity, and much more. In addition, an Affiliate has access to multiple live training classes via ZOOM, personal coaching from their team and other leaders in the company, and dynamic recorded training as well. I can’t imagine a better opportunity to have a positive impact on people around the world, while at the same time being able to capitalize on a growing and emerging market!

James Penny

I’ve been in Personal Growth for the last 40 years teaching Win-Win concepts! I’ve been in Sales & Sales Training my whole life. I have seen a LOT of different compensation plans, never one like this. I love this fully monetized system, the support from the top & from each other. In addition to the commission plus bonus’s & various pools… We get paid to promote each other! This is THE most Win-Win plan I have ever seen.

Christine Quinn

The Great Discovery platform is a company born from a great combination of inspiration, deep knowledge, vast business experience, and heartfelt relationships. The vision is grand, the people are real and well-rounded, and the daily operations adapt to grow solidly and quickly. As an affiliate, no question is left unanswered, and I feel well-supported. Plus the compensation is great! This platform truly is a great discovery that will forge the way for monetized elearning. It solves the problems most course creators face when considering how to really reach a global audience at the local level. Language, Marketing, and Local Pricing are incorporated to Empower Humanity. Knowledge is a powerful thing that can never be taken away and The Great Discovery aims to help that knowledge reach every corner of the planet. I don't join organizations lightly. They have to be solid as a business and as a team. They must have a vision I can support and people I would invite to my dinner table. They must demonstrate a culture of maturity and visionary leadership that is inclusive, willing to listen, and open to change. The Great Discovery meets all my requirements. I'm proud to be an affiliate helping to spread the word to empower course creators, educate learners, and ensure legacies.

Baylan Megino

Unleash Your Affiliate Potential

Take your affiliate income to the next level with one of our Affiliate Success Packs.

with Genius Club

Affiliate Success Pack

Earn more with advanced tools, resources, and training.

$457.00 $497.00
  • Includes "1 month" Genius Club (All benefits + Auto Active + 3 and Free Eligible)
  • Includes The Great Discovery International Course (4th Gen of Six Sigma)
  • Includes Fast Track Training Course
  • Custom Translation Demo Reel with You speaking 5 languages
  • Meets Personal Sales Volume Requirements for Qualified Affiliate Rank.
with Genius Club

Affiliate Basic Pack

Introductory tools and resources to kickstart your affiliate journey.

$83.00 $87.00
  • Includes "1 month" Genius Club (All benefits + Auto Active + 3 and Free Eligible)
  • Includes Fast Track Training Course
  • Affiliate Enrollment
  • Additional $300 QV sales requirement to direct Learner for Qualified Affiliate Rank
  • Language Demo Reel not included

Affiliate Program Information & Downloads

Compensation Plan
Compensation Cheat Sheet
Compensation Calculator
General Product/Course Purchase SV
Genius Club Subscription Payment SV

$ 1,200.00 USD

Estimated Commission Payout.

Estimated Payout in (USD) 1,200.00
Left Team CV
Right Team CV

$ 700.00 USD

Estimated Commission Payout.

Estimated Payout in (USD) 700.00
Personal Team Bonus Commission (Used as cap) USD
First Tier USD
Second Tier USD
Third Team USD

$ 4,000.00 USD

Estimated Commission Payout.

Estimated Payout in (USD) 4,000.00
5% of Shared Volume (SV) on Total Company Sales SV
My Shares
Number of Silver Affiliates
Number of Gold Affiliates
Number of Platinum Affiliates

$ 13,599.27 USD

Estimated Commission Payout.

Estimated Payout in (USD) 13,599.27

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming an Affiliate is optional. There are 3 ways to become an Affiliate:
  1. Purchase an "at cost" Affiliate account for $29.95 per year and accept the terms of the Independent Affiliate Agreement. This fee is non-commissionable and may be waived with the purchase of an Affiliate Enrollment Pack, paid course, or Genius Club Membership.
  2. Upgrade your Learner account. You may choose to become an Affiliate when you purchase any paid course, membership or pack as a Learner.
  3. Become a Course Creator: Electing to become a Course Creator with any eligible Course Creator Pack will automatically make you an Affiliate too at no extra cost."

Joining the Affiliate program is optional. You can join by purchasing an "at cost" affiliate account at an annual cost of $29.95. However, if you purchase any paid course, membership, or enrollment pack at the time you elect to become an Affiliate, the Affiliate fee is waived for the first year.

No, you can become an independent affiliate without purchasing an Affiliate Pack. The Packs offer additional resources to help make the most out of your affiliate marketing, but they're not required to be an affiliate.

No. You can get started by simply sharing course links from your replicated website with friends or others that would be interested in learning, earning or teaching. You earn commissions and bonuses on any courses, memberships or packs that they purchase. Plus you'll be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses for purchases by others that are directly and indirectly enrolled through them, even if your network spreads around the world.

There are different compensation methods for Affiliates and Course Creators

  1. As an Affiliate, you are eligible to earn compensation on purchases by everyone in your Successline, regardless of what course, membership or pack that they purchase. This includes people that were directly enrolled by you or someone else in your Successline below you, even in other countries. The Affiliate compensation system is a hybrid Compensation Plan that can pay you in multiple ways including direct sales commission, dual team (binary cycle) bonuses, matching team bonuses, pool bonuses and more. For more detailed information, see the Affiliate Compensation Plan documentation in the Affiliates section of the website.
  2. As a Course Creator, you also get paid on the sale of your courses anywhere in the world, no matter what Affiliate sells them. For your Premium Courses, you will generally be paid 30% of the actual price paid for your course. For your Academy Courses, you will generally be paid 70% of the actual price paid for your course. This is in addition to any Affiliate compensation that you earn on the same sale. For more detailed information, see the Course Creator Compensation Plan documentation in the Creators section of the website.

Affiliates can receive payments worldwide and in almost every currency, including bitcoin. Compensation is paid weekly or monthly. Weekly payments are made each Monday, one week in arrears. Monthly payments are made the 15th day following the close of each monthly period. Commissions are deposited into your Affiliate Back Office, where they can be transferred to your bank account, used for additional purchases including recurring orders, or transferred to other Affiiliates within the network.

Here is the breakdown for frequency of payments:

  • Direct Sales Commissions - Paid weekly
  • Dual Team Bonuses - Paid weekly
  • Content Provider Commissions - Paid weekly
  • Matching team bonuses - Paid monthly
  • Rand Advancement Pool Bonuses - Paid monthly
  • Coaching Cash - Paid monthly

There is no minimum payment threshold.

In the Affiliate Back Office you can find flyers, pop up banners, and business cards. You can also use any marketing material from the website. Coming soon, we're launching TGD Builder, a program designed specifically to give you easy-to-use tools for streamlined promotion of our platform.

You're free to promote through social media, email, text, coupon sites, and with paid ads. However, all affiliates must adhere to The Great Discovery Use and Terms and Conditions. No promoting offsite content on The Great Discovery outside of Academy courses.

You can reach out to your sponsor to help answer any questions. You can also use the "Chat" button in the lower right corner of the site, email [email protected], or call 1-800-335-6234.
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