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The Great Discovery Coaching Program

Working ON Yourself, but Not BY Yourself. Friendly Professional Coaches Can Walk You Through Every Step. The Most Successful People in The World Work with Coaches. Do You Want to Be One of Them?

Studies have shown that people doing online “Self-Study” courses all on their own typically retain much less, and fail more often, than those that work through the same content with coaches and groups. Working with a coach allows for better learning as you can discuss the material, gain motivation and encouragement to work through roadblocks, and avoid procrastination.

Pro athletes and top performers in all walks of life, even at the pinnacle of their game, almost all use coaches on a consistent basis. Shouldn’t you too?

The Great Discovery coaching program is all about YOU! We offer live expert coaching to walk you through every step to give you additional perspective, answer your questions and help keep you on track from beginning to the day you receive your certification. The sessions are just 30-minutes in length, there are multiple coaches to choose from, and you can schedule your sessions on a timeline that works for you.

Coaching with The Great Discovery is not only affordable but is something most would agree that you really can’t afford not to do.

Private Coaching


These 30-minute sessions are simply between you and your coach. Get your questions answered, gain perspective from your coach and accelerate your progress towards identifying and achieving your life goals and dreams.

  • - 6 coaching tokens


In these sessions a coach works with you and up to four other people. You can ask specific questions but also learn from others in the group.

  • - 3 coaching tokens
Semi-Private Coaching
Group Coaching


These sessions go beyond the video training program. FAQ’s and group chat questions are addressed by a Discovery coach who provides context, meaning and specific examples to help you learn and apply the content. Feel the sense of belonging to a larger community, all of whom are pursuing a life dream.

  • - 1 coaching token
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