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Gut Healing Protocol

A complete guide to healing your gut and microbiome by Herbalist and Gut Health Coach Amelia South. Informational PDF

  • Last updated Jul 09, 2024
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What you'll learn

  • Gut dysbiosis is basically when the you've got leaky gut issues plus the number of bad bacteria kind of outnumber the good bacteria because as we all know you've got a whole microbiome you've got trillions of little bacteria in your stomach, in your gut, helping you digest and eat all that food. 

    I spent about a year trying to find a probiotic that would actually help me. 

    I tested at least a dozen different probiotics. I kept spending so much money. I spent money on this one at the health food store and I tried it for a few months. 

    I'm like, it helped a little bit but it didn't do a lot and then I spent money on this one thinking this is finally going to be the one that works and it wasn't. It just happened one after another. 

    I finally found one that actually does work and that's the one that I recommend to everybody. It's the one that I give my family, it's the one that I take myself and that's what's in my Gut Healing Protocol.

    I used to be pretty overweight too so the best thing honestly at least for my image, my ego, was that when I finally got my gut under control and my body actually absorbing all the vitamins and minerals and nutrition from the good food I was eating, I lost weight. 

    You know, I lost like probably about 15 pounds an inch or two off of my waist. It was fantastic and that is like, weight loss is like a side effect of being a healthy person. 

  • Here's the problem, if it was just a matter of starting to take a good probiotic and doing nothing else I'd sit here and I try to sell you a probiotic.

    I mean why not? 

    The problem is that there's so much more to it than that. 

    There is so much more to healing and doing a full body healing of your whole gut microbiome and everything than just adding a probiotic to your daily regimen. 

    My gut healing protocol represents over four years of my own personal research and experimentation in addition to kind of experimenting but giving this advice to client after client after client. 

    I have now helped hundreds of people get their gut health back in order, reverse type 2 diabetes, lower all of their autoimmune conditions, all the symptoms going on with that, and they've finally started to get their lives back together.

    In my gut healing protocol, I talk about probiotics, prebiotics, how to ferment your own foods, how to get your body to absorb more water, how to deal with life if you haven't got a gallbladder anymore, because believe it or not, your gallbladder's actually pretty important to your digestion. 

    This part's really important, okay? So the first step to solving your problem is to identify the problem.

    And I'm gonna tell you right now, a lot of the symptoms that you've been experiencing all the time in your body are your body's way of telling you that you're allergic to something. 

    Testing yourself for allergies is really critical but it usually costs hundreds maybe thousands of dollars going back and forth to the doctor's office. I show you in this gut healing protocol step by step how to test yourself accurately at home for undiagnosed food or environmental allergies for free. 

    I also talk about foods to eat, foods to avoid, and why. I give you a whole bunch of recipes that I've been collecting for over 13 years. 

    I think healthy food should taste good. I'm not about to sit here and just tell you, oh go eat steamed vegetables and juice a bunch of stuff for three weeks and you'll be fine. 

    It takes time. It took time to get to where you're at right now. It's gonna take some time to heal your body completely. 

    This is a whole healing journey. 

    It's a lifestyle change, but I am going to get you through it and I'm going to show you step by step how to do this yourself so that you can succeed and finally get your gut back in order. 

  •  You will learn:

  • The right probiotics to take to heal your gut
  • Prebiotics VS Probiotics and how to maintain a healthy liver and gallbladder 

  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid 

  • Healthy food recipes that ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD 

  • How to test yourself ACCURATELY for undiagnosed food or environmental allergies at home FOR FREE 

  • How to get your body to absorb more water 

  • And more... 

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Gut Healing Protocol
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