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Take Your Expertise Global:

Scale your Reach and Income

Effortlessly expand your reach with our platform – translate your courses into 100+ languages, tap into 200 countries, and let our affiliate program do the marketing for you.

Why Partner With The Great Discovery?

Your Courses in over 100 languages

With The Great Discovery you can easily translate your courses into over 100 languages. Reach new audiences around the world.

Global Course Promotion

Our robust affiliate program will take care of the marketing for you. With learners and affiliates promoting your courses in 200 countries worldwide, you can spend less time marketing and more time doing what you love - building great courses!

Earn & Empower

Maximize your earning power with multiple revenue streams.

  • Sell a range of courses (low-ticket to high-ticket)
  • Offer high-level coaching and events.
  • Earn income as an affiliate by sharing other great TGD courses.

Courses With Impact

Master compelling content with our exclusive "Course Creator" course. Learn proven strategies for building engaging, high-value content that resonates with learners.

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When a good friend of mine explained how The Great Discovery (TGD) promotes and extends online learning globally, I immediately decided to move my courses there. It was a no-brainer. One of the most exciting benefits that TGD offers, and one that I never even imagined was possible, is the ability to have my courses translated into over 100 different languages with the use of AI to convert my voice and lip movements just as if I were speaking in the native language. To be able to reach more than just a small fraction of English speakers in their own language is an evolutionary game changer in sharing my message! This is a transformative shift in how information is disseminated and received. Another checkmark for the pros of working with TGD is that they help actively promote my courses so they don’t just sit there buried amidst the other courses in a library waiting to be discovered. Another huge win is the automatic adjustment of course prices to be affordable in different countries, based on their country’s economic situation. The decision to produce my courses with TGD was made instantly! I believe TGD's ability to reach more people in their native language makes it the obvious choice for the future of online learning content.

Steven Walters

TGD is the obvious advantage!The Great Discovery provides the single biggest and most important development to monetize speakers, coaches, authors, and course creators in my lifetime… and I’ve been doing this for over 40 years! With the most forward-thinking AI translation and marketing systems already in place, The Great Discovery has solved the 3 biggest problems faced by content creators, of all types, to sell their educational content worldwide: 1. Seamless language translation that retains the instructor’s full personality. 2. Financial adjustment for the economic conditions of each country. 3. A worldwide network of locally-based affiliates to market the library of courses combined with AI advertising and automated sales funnels. TGD is the obvious advantage! It is clear that The Great Discovery is destined to soon become the standard by which all other educational platforms are judged.

Matt DiMaio

The Great Discovery course creator program has given me the opportunity to repurpose many of my previously recorded audios and videos and introduce them to brand new audiences. It has also provided easy to follow step-by-step guidance in creating new content – courses, audios, and videos. The prospect of reaching a worldwide audience in multiple languages is a game changer in the way we learn and the way we earn. The Great Discovery monetized eLearning platform perfectly addresses the global demand for knowledge and information. Dr. Herbert Harris, international author of numerous books including the best seller - Twelve Universal Laws of Success.

Dr. Herbert Harris

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Course Creator Pack
Course Review, Onboarding, And Formatting Assistance
Up To 5 Hours of Content
Up To 2 Hours of Content
Up To 1 Hour Of Video Language Translation In Your Choice Of Available Languages
Discounts On Video Language Translation Services
Complete Course Creator Course
The Great Discovery International Course
Professionally Designed Multi-Language Squeeze Page And Basic Marketing Funnel
Global Deployment On TGD Builder System In Multiple Languages
Be Featured In Corporate TGD Podcasts And Media Promotions
Be Featured In Primetime Monthly Press Releases On New/Bestselling Courses.
Custom Translation Demo Reel With You Speaking 5 Languages.
Includes Affiliate Enrollment At No Additional Cost

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