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  • The Income Tax Reduction System

The Income Tax Reduction System

The system teaches you every deduction available to you as a home based business, MLM, or Direct Sales person.

  • Last updated Jul 09, 2024
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What you'll learn

If you are in a home based business, this course is for you. It covers how to report your income and also goes over in detail every business deduction available to you. We will also show you how to get this course for free.

This is a course for USA taxes only.

Finding a CPA or tax accountant that specializes in home-based businesses and/or MLM is hard, much less a person who has personal experience with being a consultant themselves. You want to make sure you file your taxes correctly with the IRS and comply with the laws of being a business.

Here is an Overview of the course:

Section 1 - Deductions & How To Maximize

Section 2 - DIY Tax Return Preparation

Section 3 - How To Be Audit Proof

Section 4 - Items you will need in an Audit

Section 5 - How to Sponsor People Using Tax Deductions

Section 6 - Bonus - 3 Year Lookback - How to pay for this course

Section 7 - Customized Company Information

Section 8 - Resources



Disclaimer: This course is not intended to be legal advice. Your tax situation may be different and you should consult your tax advisor as not all of these items may pertain to you.

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There is no way to guarantee that will not be audited, but there are ways to keep you off the audit radar.

These are things that you do BEFORE you get audited but will be asked of you in an audit.

That's right - you will learn to sponsor people in your MLM by simply asking one question!

I am doing for all people who buy this course , a 3 year lookback to see if we can get any additional money for you.

Here are lessons that apply to specific companies such as Mary Kay or Young Living

Here are some resources you will need!


An open mind


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