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Create Your Dream Life: Goal Setting for Your Best Life

Unveil your ultimate goals, create a clear vision, and forge a personalized action plan in this transformative 4-lesson

  • Last updated Feb 19, 2024
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What you'll learn

Unlock the secrets to:

  1. Crystal Clarity: Gain a clear vision of your ultimate goals.
  2. Effective Goal Setting: Identify and set true, meaningful objectives.
  3. Strategic Planning: Develop a comprehensive plan to reach pivotal goals.
  4. Pivotal Moments: Discover how to identify and navigate critical turning points.
  5. Seven Levels Deep Technique: Dive deep into your objectives to ensure alignment.
  6. Routine and Task Management: Build a routine and break tasks for effective execution.
  7. Continuous Progress: Stay on track, review, and adapt your plan for continual success.
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A willingness to envision the amazing life that you are meant for.

An open mind.


Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows A Guy. The author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, Michael has run over 30 virtual summits and connected thousands of people through events, coaching, and direct connections.

He started his networking career by walking into a networking event in a new town with no job and no business, and going on to connect movers and shakers in town in months. Today, he hosts some of the most powerful networking events in online business. When he coaches his clients, the absolute first and most critical element is getting clear on goals.

Create Your Dream Life: Goal Setting for Your Best Life
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