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Module 1 Most essential thing to remove first

One of the first steps to achieving wellness. You may not agree, however it is necessary. I hope you saw my 12 keys. Here are explanations of why and how
  • Last updated May 10, 2024
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What you'll learn

You will learn the importance of this for aging, and how to stay healthy as you age.

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Starting your journey to Aging Vibrantly

Begin changing their paradigm of what is really healthy food

Choose nutrient dense foods. Learn what they are. Were to find them, and Learn what each category does.

Determining Your Zone of Eating Plus Caffeine Sensitivity Which can Lead to Non-Fatal Heart Attacks for Some People

Healing Your Body Fast, Slow, Step by Step

Learn what to drink and where to find Calcium

Learning how to relax, Deepak Chopra's breathing techniques and more about food glutathione and healing

You will learn how finding your best foods and some alternatives can help you feel so vibrant

Why finding your best foods, can save you from deafness or heart disease


Questions about the 12 keys to basic health a willingness to learn


With a degree in Microbiology and Medical Technology from Colorado

State University, Kristi became a medical technologist to learn the hows

and whys of conditions, and not how to simply fix them with medication or

surgery. She was a medical technologist for 4 years in a lab setting before

taking some time off to raise her children. Kristi went back to the medical

world through pharmaceuticals and insurance, and while working in those

industries, Kristi began her website “ ”. What she learned while

researching conditions for that website convinced Kristi to take the plunge

into health coaching. Both as a course and individual coaching.

Kristi’s process recognizes that while bodies need the same vitamins,

investigating your blood type to help determine your best foods to get those

vitamins can remove triggers for hunger, and maintain your best weight,

thereby helping digestion and reducing pain. Kristi believes that everyone

can have awesome aging health!


Module 1 Most essential thing to remove first
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