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You... Without Limits

Secrets of the Few Revealed to the Many

A global education at home program to improve personal problem solving, success and life performance.

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Unlocking New Possibilities for Humanity.

The Gold Standard for Problem Solving and Performance Improvement is Now Available to EVERYONE, Even Children.

Working ON Yourself, but Not BY Yourself. Friendly Professional Coaches Can Walk You Through Every Step.

The Most Successful People in The World Work with Coaches. Do You Want to Be One of Them?

YOU.. Without Limits

Can Also Mean

INCOME Without Limits

Living a life without limits is more than BEING ABLE to accomplish anything that you set your mind to, it is ACTUALLY DOING those things. That includes generating Income Without Limits as well. While there are many ways to make money in this world, The Great Discovery offers the option of participating in its Independent Affiliate and Coaching Programs as a means of making that a reality.

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The Great Discovery

The Great Discovery is a proven way of thinking enabled by a set of step-by-step templates that will greatly increase your odds of success - in your work life, personal life and home life.



Unlock Your Teen's True Potential

Unleash your teen's potential and liberate them from the confines of traditional education with our exciting and transformative TGD Teens™ program, utilizing The Great Discovery (TGD), which is the 4th Generation of Six Sigma. With a rich history spanning over 40 years, Six Sigma is a widely recognized and time-proven methodology for performance improvement used by millions of top performing individuals and teams all around the globe.

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New Release

Bentley's Dream is written for kids in kindergarten to Grade 3. The message is simple: Dreams Are Achievable.

Bentley is a special dog who has a big dream. Bentley is told by his dog friend Keto that it is rare for big dreams to come true. But Bentley uses The Proven Path to Success to realize his dream. Bentley helps to keep a girl from chasing a ball into the street. He finds a lost blanket for his dog friend Vinny. And gets the attention of a lifeguard who saves his dog friend Milly from drowning. Bentley's dream came true because he selflessly took action to help his dog friends and family.

The Proven Path to Success is a Breakthrough Thinking Strategy documented in The Great Discovery: Do the Dreaming, Dream the Doing, Plan the Doing, Do the Plan. The Great Discovery is process that shows everyone how to change their thinking from ordinary to extraordinary. The Great Discovery was developed by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the Co-Creator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma which has been named as one of the Top 10 management Innovations of the last 150 years.

An important feature of Bentley's Dream is a detailed explanation of the story for the parent or teacher. Sandra Harry and Catherine Lawson show children and adults how to become extraordinary thinkers like others who have followed the "Proven Way of Thinking."

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