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The Great Discovery Program

Developed by the co-creator of Six Sigma, Dr. Mikel J. Harry, The Great Discovery was engineered from the DNA of Six Sigma. It is a proven road-map that guides an individual or work team to a significantly higher level of achievement - regardless of what the mission may be. In this sense, the Great Discovery empowers the Six Sigma Way of Thinking through a step-by-step system of reasoning that is enabled through a set of application templates.

​In short, The Great Discovery provides virtually any person, team or organization a way to transform ordinary performance into extraordinary results that are sustainable and repeatable.

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Dr. Mikel Harry

He’s been a cowboy, competed in rodeos, raced Can-Am cars and served as a Captain in the Marines – but you may know Dr. Mikel Harry best as the co-creator of Six Sigma.

In the early 80s, Six Sigma was developed as a way to design products and processes to make better business, while Harry was at Motorola...

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Discovery Novel

Through the unique and captivating story line of this book, the authors have skillfully interwoven the principles and practices of The Great Discovery to show how the lives of everyday people can be greatly improved by following a simple step-by-step way of thinking.

By reading about their lives, you will gain a deep and rich understanding of how The Great Discovery....

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The Proven Path

The Great Discovery is profound knowledge. It’s a proven way of thinking that will get you out of the box and show you the path to victory in virtually every aspect of your life – your home life, your personal life and your work life. In this sense, The Great Discovery is proven system that can easily transform any person, team or organization into an integrated, high performance machine for getting over-the-top results. In a nutshell, The Great Discovery will reshape the way you think which, in turn, will greatly increase your odds of success. It’s an easy to learn, simple yet highly effective way that everyone, even teenagers, can benefit from the goodness of Six Sigma.

The Four Stages

Do the Dreaming – Means that you must look out to the horizon, sharpen your vision, dream big and dream wide. You must then define a catalyst dream that, when realized, will give you the freedom of choice to live out your core values.

  • Step 0: Declare Mission Focus
  • Step 1: Clarify Core Values
  • Step 2: Determine Catalyst Dream

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Dream the Doing – means that you must define the progressive milestones that will ead you to your catalyst dream. It also means that you dream about “cause and effect” relationships that will drive your journey.

  • Step 3: Establish Leading Milestones
  • Step 4: Select Problematic Milestones

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Plan the Doing – means that you must define and optimize that critical forces that will drive you to each milestone. It also means that you must translate the critical forces into actions that can be executed in an accountable way.

  • Step 5: Identify Vital Forces
  • Step 6: Define Enabling Actions

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Do the Plan – means that you must engage the forces in a timely way and evaluate the quality of your execution. This means that you must monitor where you’ve been where you’re going and minimize the noise along the way.

  • Step 7: Complete Action Plan
  • Step 8: Check Progress Results

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About The Author

Dr. Mikel Harry

Dr. Harry has been widely recognized and cited in many publications as the principal architect of Six Sigma and the leading authority within this field. In addition to being a national best selling author, he has trained and coached many of the world's top CEOs and corporations.

Using the lessons learned from nearly three decades of success, Dr. Harry created The Great Discovery. This means you now have direct access to his extremely powerful system of business optimization and personal achievement.

The Great Discovery

The Great Discovery is a proven way of thinking enabled by a set of step-by-step templates that will greatly increase your odds of success - in your work life, personal life and home life.