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Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids

An adventure discovering the world of gardening - give your child the life skill of gardening and growing their own food

  • Last updated Jan 15, 2024
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What you'll learn

Open the World of Gardening to Your Kids

💕 Develop a skill that could serve them for a lifetime

🍓 A skill that leads to having a healthy food culture

🌱 Let it be your child that is harvesting from the garden & adding to the family food supply

Features of "Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids" program

  • You get a 6 module course built to take your child step-by-step showing them how they can connect with Mother Nature and her super heroes to have them on their team as they enter into the growing process and create a garden of their own.
  • Each module will have comic book style lessons and video demonstrations along with other resources such as workbooks, journals and eBooks.


    🌞 Here's to new gardening adventures with all the wonders and possibilities it can bring!

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Come accept your mission and be welcomed by the Gardening Grandma - your guide and mentor. Here we start our adventure by putting on our creative hats to come up with a type of garden you would like to create. You'll receive a copy of "Bringing Out the Potential of Children - Gardeners" and workbook to use though out the course. Let the adventure begin...

We're partnering with Mother Nature and in this session we're calling on her Super Hero - the Sun. To tune into Mother Nature we need to call on our powers of observation and start tracking the sun to harness it's power for getting lots of growth in our garden. We'll research our climate data which will give us Mother Nature's schedule and put her to work for us. All this to start building our plan for our garden.

Time to get into the dirt! A few more tweaks to our garden plan then we can dig in. We're going to take a look at the soil which is the foundation for the home we are building for our plants. Learning what it takes to have healthy soil. Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = (when you eat those plants) a Healthier You!

Time to start getting our seeds in the ground, start to get to know how our plants grow and how to nurture them so they thrive. Plus looking at an alternative to direct seeding - using seedlings

You've done the part of preparing your garden and getting your seeds and plants in. Now as we're getting to know our plants more and how they grow we'll be learning how to give them the right care so they will produce and start giving us some garden goodies!

It's all about keeping focused on moving towards the garden you wish to create. With that focus we'll help you make plans and put systems in place, recording what is going on in your garden so you can review what things worked in your garden and where you may want to make some changes for the next gardening season


Children 7 and older should be able to work independently on this course

Children under 6 it's best doing it with an adult



Patrice Porter, also known as the Gardening Grandma, is a master cultivator who nurtures the timeless art of gardening while sowing the seeds of survival skills in future generations. With her expertise, she not only teaches the art of growing fresh and nourishing foods, but also tends to the growth of resilient families as a dedicated parent support coach.

She is a Certified Educational Associate, Parent Support Coach, Garden Consultant, International #1 Best Selling Author, & Speaker.

Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids
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