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The Twelve Universal Laws of Success Audiobook

Six and one-half hour reading of The Twelve Universal Laws of Success By the Author Dr. Herbert Harris
  • Last updated Feb 09, 2024
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What you'll learn

Dr. Herbert Harris reads the Twelve Universal Laws of Success of Success and explains how the laws work together. 

These laws include the law of thought, the law of change, the law of vision, the law of command, the law of human magnetism, the law of focus and discipline, the law of action, the law of value and mutual exchange, the law of relationships, the law of supply and opportunity, the law of persistence and results, and the law of truth.

By listening to this audio and using the workbook to crystalize your understanding, you can develop and clarify your goals, while overcoming obstacles of lack of focus, lack of discipline, and procrastination.

By understanding and applying these laws, nothing is impossible.


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Dr. Herbert Harris, a graduate of Columbia University in New York City, is a retired attorney who has written numerous books including: How To Make Money In Music, a highly popular guide book to the music industry, The Twelve Universal Laws of Success a best-selling personal development book with over 800,000 copies in print, and Solving The Race Issue In America. His books have been translated into Chinese, French, Italian, Portugese, Romanian, and Spanish.

Herbert is a former director of the Science of Living Institute under Dr. Frederick J. Eikerenkkotter, better known as “Rev. Ike”. He is CEO of the LifeSkill Institute, Inc., an international personal and leadership development corporation.

Dr. Harris has spoken and done numerous seminars and workshops at churches, universities, and corporations throughout the country, including: the Ethical Culture Society, Unity Church, Ohio State University, Columbia University, Lucent Technology, and other business and organizations.

Presently Dr. Herbert Harris maintains a strong internet presence with the Success Mentorship Network and a busy speaking schedule at numerous churches, corporations, and organizations. He is an Elite Trainer with the LifeVantage Corporation, a publicly traded health and wellness company. He is a "Million Dollar Earner" in the network marketing industry. Dr. Harris resides in North Carolina.

The Twelve Universal Laws of Success Audiobook
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