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If you've had it with self-sabotage and shattered dreams, then you are ready to GET OVER YOURSELF for success.
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What you'll learn

Most people are often their own worst enemy. The GET OVER YOURSELF course will show you how to become aware of, and OVERCOME, your negative, non-productive and even self-destructive attitudes and behaviors.

Over 40 years in the making, the GET OVER YOURSELF course materials have been proven in thousands of live presentations to over 150,000 people in a dozen countries from Dubai to Panama, and 45 trips to New Zealand … 

... and with organizations such as Walt Disney Feature Animation, Cornell University, State Farm Insurance, Toronto Real Estate Board, Auckland Multiple Listing Bureau, Mitsubishi Canada, 8 Chicago-area banks, 6 MLM's, Video Law and many others.

The value-packed life-changing concepts and exercises in GET OVER YOURSELF combine to create a personal and professional growth Tool-Kit that you will use to create a Success-Cycle that lasts.

You will learn several effective techniques, including an easy and powerful meditation, for you to use to develop or increase self-worth, confidence, joy, and peace. You will heal relationships, eliminate stress, achieve goals, and discover your Global Dream!

The value of this course cannot be exaggerated.

Your facilitator is James Roswell Quinn ... international keynote speaker, author, business consultant, and success coach. For almost FIVE decades, "Ross" has inspired participants from around the world to make a greater impact with their lives. 

Mark Victor Hansen, the co-creator of the mega-best selling CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL, describes Quinn as “Omni-Effective because he gets you to think, act and change your life, and make it instantly better."

So make this investment in yourself, and GET OVER YOURSELF for success.

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Long term success requires balance. You know the stories. The billionaire who commits suicide, the work-a-holic who loses their spouse, the fun-loving teen who overdoses, the 80 year-old who feels their life was wasted, and so on. It's about having Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, and a Spiritual Sense of Purpose. Like four tires on a car, if just one wheel is out of balance all of the tires will wear prematurely.

Success is like a road-trip vacation to Yosemite. If you come to a washed out bridge, you change your route. You don't just give up and go home. When you begin with the end in mind, you will do whatever it takes to get there. This section has the tools to train your mind for success.

You could call this section the 5-Steps to Awareness, the 5-Steps to Enlightenment, or the 5-steps to Learning. Nevertheless, whatever you call it, there are FIVE distinct steps we humans must go through to learn new behaviors and transform our results.

Love-Based Leadership or Fear-Based Living ... you have a choice. Not only are ALL persons born with value, but ALL persons were born with a Global Dream. You can be as big as you want to be. Here, you will learn your Global Dream. Once you know it, everything changes.


A willingness to change

A passion for excellence

A deep need to find your true purpose

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