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Champion Course Creator Pack

Professional - Huge Value Deal! Digital Course Training, Onboarding Assistance, Global Marketing Deployment, Social and Press Exposure, Tools and Much More

  • Last updated May 09, 2024
  • English
  • Certified Course
  • English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Mandarin, Italiano

What you'll learn

Prepare for an exciting journey with the Champions Course Creator Pack, your key to dominating the competition with potentially viral growth! Get ready for an unbelievable value-packed experience at an incredibly low price.

To create a viral E-Learning sensation, you need to focus on three pillars: 1) Outstanding content; 2) Engaging delivery; and 3) Reaching eager learners that are interested in, or seeking information on, your topic. Just like the Basic Pack, you'll learn how to create a powerful and engaging online course, receive expert content upload assistance, and enjoy a custom-made AI translation demo reel for marketing purposes.

But here's where it gets truly thrilling: the Champions Pack unlocks over $3500 in value for a deal price that you can't afford to miss! You'll receive a professionally designed custom capture page, multi-lingual marketing campaigns supported by an international network of marketing affiliates, far reaching live podcasts and social media interviews, and the chance to be featured in a prime-time monthly Press Release.

And that's not all: You'll also vastly enhance your problem-solving skills, as well as elevate your life and business performance with The Great Discovery International Course. You'll get VIP assistance in preparing, formatting and uploading up to 5 hours of your finished course content E-learning community, get an hour of language translation for your courses at no extra cost, enjoy a free month of TGD Promoter, secure a free affiliate enrollment, and much more!

Your journey to unprecedented success begins here – seize it with the Champions Course Creator Pack! Don't miss out – take action now and unlock your path to triumph!

Included in this package:

* Comprehensive "Course Creator" course that covers all aspects of creating powerful and compelling digital courses.

* Course review, onboarding and formatting assistance, of up to 5 hours of your finished content to the TGD E-Learning Community.

* Up to 1 hour of video language translation in your choice of available languages. Additional translation on per minute basis.

* TGD International Course with on demand multi-lingual coaching.

* Professionally designed multi-language squeeze page/basic marketing funnel.

* Global deployment on the TGD Promoter network in multiple languages.

* Be featured in corporate TGD podcast and social media promotions.

* Be featured in prime time monthly Press Releases on new or best selling courses.

* Custom translation demo reel with You speaking 5 languages.

* Includes Affiliate enrollment option at no additional cost.

** Additional course translation services at added cost.

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This section contain tools (video & PDF) on how to onboard a course to the TGD Platform.


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$ 698.00 USD
CV: 305 QV: 698 SV: 359

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