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The Great Discovery Program

The Great Discovery was conceived by the co-creator of Six Sigma, Dr. Mikel J. Harry, and as such comes from the DNA of Six Sigma. The Great Discovery has a Proven Path that guides an individual or work team to a significantly higher level of achievement - regardless of their mission. In this sense, the Great Discovery empowers the Six Sigma Way of Thinking through a step-by-step system of reasoning that is enabled through a set of application templates.

​In short, The Great Discovery provides virtually anybody, regardless of age or education a way to transform ordinary performance into extraordinary results that are sustainable and repeatable.

The Proven Path

The Great Discovery is profound knowledge. It’s a proven way of thinking that will get you out of the box and show you the path to victory in virtually every aspect of your life – your home life, your personal life and your work life. In this sense, The Great Discovery is proven system that can easily transform any person, team or organization into an integrated, high-performance machine for getting over-the-top results. In a nutshell, The Great Discovery will reshape the way you think which, in turn, will greatly increase your odds of success. It’s an easy to learn, simple yet highly effective way that everyone, even teenagers, can benefit from the goodness of Six Sigma.

The Four Stages

Most of us are good at doing things once we know what to do. But only the successful understand the importance of dreaming, Innovation. The Great Discovery will teach you how to think more divergently and once you understand that dreams are possible, will guide you to successfully executing the dream.

The Four Stages are Do the Dream, Dream the Doing, Plan the Doing, and Do the Plan. Two Innovation stages and two execution stages.

Do the Dreaming is about learning that Dreams are Achievable. Most of us live a place of “Status Quo.” In large part this is because humans are more comfortable with “Status Quo” even if it is not satisfying or even bad. The FEAR of change and FEAR of failure holds them back. There is always a “That’s not realistic attached to any possible change.” Or a “What if I’m not successful;” “What if someone finds out what I’m doing;” of simply thought that change is a pipe dream and not really achievable.

Do the Dreaming will teach you how to dream without constraints and tie those dreams to your intrinsic core values.

Do the Dreaming Learn More

Dream the Doing. Dream the Doing teaches you how to break away from the FEAR by visualizing your pathway to success. By learning to visualize success, you soon realize that YOUR dreams are possible. Visualizing also provides you the opportunity to fail without consequences. If you fail during visualization, The Great Discovery teaches you how to break down the barrier and find an alternative route to success.

Dream The Doing Learn More

Plan the Doing shows you have to take something that seems overwhelming and breaking it down into small bites that YOU can handle. And if you still think you can’t handle it, The Great Discovery shows you how to build a Dream Team that can help you. Plan the doing then provides the process to teach you how to get things done, that you through were impossible.

Plan The Doing Learn More

Do the Plan. Once you learn how to Dream – Do the Dreaming; Learn how to break away from FEAR – Dream the Doing; and learn how to do things you thought you could never do – Plan the Doing, The Great Discovery will show you how to execute your plan, navigate bumps, and plan alternative routes to success.

Do The Plan Learn More

Remember The Great Discovery has a team of Coaches to guide your through every step of the way.

Course and Pack Options

Basic Pack

$ 350.00
  • The Great Discovery Course with 12 Months Access
  • 12 Month Independent Affiliate Enrollment at NO COST

SAVE $29.95

Focus Pack

$ 370.00
$70 Monthly After 1st Month
(2 Month Minimum)
  • The Great Discovery Course with 12 Months Access
  • 12 Month Independent Affiliate Enrollment at NO COST
  • 4 Coaching Tokens per Month (Enough for 4 GROUP COACHING Sessions Each Month)

SAVE $140

Achiever Pack

$ 430.00
$130 Monthly After 1st Month
(2 Month Minimum)
  • The Great Discovery Course with 12 Months Access
  • 12 Month Independent Affiliate Enrollment at NO COST
  • 6 Coaching Tokens per Month (Enough for 2 SEMI-PRIVATE COACHING Sessions Each Month)
  • PLUS Unlimited Group Coaching Each Month

SAVE $400

12 Month Independent Affiliate Enrollment Only

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